Reaktiv Studios’ Skill Set

We love a challenge that can benefit from our expertise, creative solutions, and massive coffee intake.

We’re one of only thirteen VIP service partners in the world.

Strategy and Consultancy

If your project is in need of some expert guidance, we’re here to help. We can provide technical direction on projects as a whole, or advise how best to handle a specific issue— via a conversation or more formal report. We’ve got the experience with large-scale and/or complex WordPress projects to provide skilled and professional consulting.

WordPress VIP Service Partner

As one of only thirteen WordPress VIP service partners in the world, we know exactly what it takes to get -and keep- your site up and running on WordPress VIP’s robust platform. We can provide strategy for your internal team on moving to WordPress and the VIP platform, develop your site to perform beautifully on WordPress VIP, support you through the critical VIP code review, and provide continued consulting and development as your site scales on the VIP platform.

Code Review

We delve deep into your site or plugin to make sure it’s running the most up-to-date, efficient code possible. Our detailed report will outline issues and provide recommendations to implement best practices in your code, and a follow-up call with our expert developers will ensure everything is explained clearly. We can provide a quote for implementing the recommended changes ourselves, or guide your in-house development team. The final result is clean, performant code driving your product. Read Chris Lema’s article on our code reviews.


With core contribution to most of the leading WordPress e-commerce solutions and experience building dozens of e-commerce sites, we’re the right team to navigate the plethora of e-commerce platforms, payment gateways, shipping options, and performant hosts to deliver the perfect solution for your online product business.

API & Integrations

There’s infinite possibility for how your site can connect and communicate with other sites or third-party services. We can build an API for your WordPress service or site, or engineer yours to interact with other sites or third-party services via their API. This is, truth be told, our favorite kind of work. Read our case studies about helping Wirecutter interface with Amazon, or NextDraft push to MailChimp.

Enterprise-Scale Development

For an Enterprise-scale WordPress project, a bit of expert advice can go a long way. We understand the challenges that enterprises face in content management, reliability, and scalability, and we solve them with expert technical strategy and WordPress development. We can consult on site architecture & feature roadmaps for implementation by your internal team or build your chosen solution for you.

CMS Migration to WordPress

Our team of expert WordPress engineers will outline and execute a migration strategy that ensures all the content you need from your current CMS is migrated over in a format WordPress understands. We can also custom develop functionalities from your current CMS that you’d like recreated in WordPress.

WordPress Multisite

As a powerful engine capable of single-site generation, network management, content syndication, and editorial workflows, WordPress Multisite is a great choice for many types of companies. We’ve got both the expertise and the creativity to develop the perfect engine for your site network. Read about the site wizard we built.


We ensure the quality of work by working within our strengths. If we don’t have top-notch skills and experience with a type of service, we do not offer it. We’d love to collaborate with your team or recommend trusted experts in design, branding and marketing, search engine optimization, hosting and advanced security, and social media management.

“Reaktiv is engaged as can be expected (and then some) and act as if they are integrated into our work and team as if they were in-house. We absolutely love working with them and have no reservations about recommending them to others.” Christopher Mascari / The Wirecutter