Solomon Scott

Full Stack Developer

Solomon is a full stack developer who began coding with his MySpace page. He became hooked after building his first site his junior year in college.

He quickly found that plain HTML and CSS weren’t enough of a challenge, so he moved to PHP and WordPress and fell in love. He loves to code because there is no end to what you can learn. He considers life his classroom and is always looking for something new to learn. He loves new challenges and solving complex problems,and with every new solution, he learns and grows more.

When he’s not coding, you can find him playing tennis, practicing trapeze, reading comics, traveling, or watching cult classic movies. He is one of the organizers of WordCamp DC and plans to visit WordCamps in every city at least once.

Solomon gives back via GitHub

Open source gives everyone the chance to learn and build amazing things. If it weren’t for WordPress being open source, I might not have gotten as far as I have with coding. Plus, I can give back and help others to do great things.

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