Krista McPhee

Support Lead / QA

Krista McPhee is our sweet-as-canadian-maple-syrup Support Lead. She’s there for you in your time of need. She’s your brain to pick, your shoulder to lean on. Have an issue you can’t solve, a problem you can’t crack? Krista’s as whip-smart as she is sweet, and will have your ticket closed faster than a liquor store in Utah.

She’s a designer at the heart, but her endless curiosity and desire to know how things work (under the hood) led her to dabble in code as well. What started as a personal WordPress blog has turned to a full time career in WordPress.

After hours, Krista is our resident Martini Sipper (or Slogger… don’t fact check this, it’s fine), and has a taste for the finer things. Finer things like Hockey, 90s Hair Bands, Hot Yoga, and kicking ass. But especially the kicking ass.