Josh Eaton


Josh Eaton is Partner and Lead Facial Hair Cultivator at Reaktiv. He ships beautiful code facilitated by Sriracha, an intense calling to be your WordPress hero, and coffee.

Josh is so hardcore that he took the CPA exam for kicks. He doesn’t miss his shiny corporate gig. In fact, he shucked that to travel the world extensively with his wife. Josh created his own complex language and is busy weaving it into his code. He has gypsy feet, hearty carnivore leanings, and will be delighted to play you a song, thank you very much.

We’re lying about the weaving-a-complex-language-into-his-code thing. Made you look.

Josh is smart, he gets things done, and he brings creative solutions to problems encountered in WordPress development. He’s as much fun to work with as he is professional.
(left) enjoying bourbon (top right) serenading Lottie (bottom right) skiing in the Sierra Nevada's

Find Josh At

  • WordCamp USNovember 1st–4th, 2019St. Louis, MO
  • PressnomicsSeptember 11th–13th, 2019Tucson, AZ

Josh gives back via GitHub

"If it weren’t for open source, I’d probably still be an accountant. Everything I’ve learned has come from looking under the hood at open source projects. I love being able to give back to the open source community to attempt to repay how much it has given me."

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