Jay Hoffmann

Lead Developer

Jay Hoffmann is a Lead Developer at Reaktiv. He’s never too far from his code editor, or his Moleskine.

Jay started building websites as a way of showing off his Flash animations in high school. It was WordPress that really blew his mind though. He has explored different languages of the web, but has found himself returning again and again to WordPress. A few years ago, he created a site called Tidy Repo to help people find the best possible plugin for any situation. Since then, he gets involved in the community whenever possible. His latest obsession is bringing the shiniest new front-end techniques into the WordPress world. Jay studied Film in college. On rare occasions you might spot him loitering around film sets, usually with a boom mic or sound mixer in hand.

He uses tabs because that’s the WordPress way. Also, he happens to like them.

Jay gives back via GitHub

Open source is deeply ingrained in the fabric of the web itself. It's hard to believe that we would have gotten to where we are without a free exchange of ideas and code. I've benefited a ton from open source, and I'm happy to give back whenever I can.

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