Faison Zutavern

Senior Developer

Faison’s first experience with programming was in middle school, when he found that games on his TI-83 calculator had an Edit option.

After replacing the original developer’s name with his own, that calculator stopped being a school supply and became a development platform. A couple of years later, he was in a cover band in high school and decided to make a band website. Determined to not repeat the same navigation HTML across all pages, Faison tried using iframes, but quickly learned that Firefox didn’t support iframes the same way IE did. One Internet search later, he got the best advice he could have received at that time: don’t use iframes, use PHP.

Years passed by and Faison continued to learn PHP as a hobby in his free time. Then he met his wife and she gave him the best advice at that time: Go to a technical college, get an associate’s degree in web development and get a programming job. 2 years later, Faison landed his first WordPress development job, learned how to create custom post types and attended WordCamp Milwaukee, all in the same week! He’s been working with WordPress ever since, and enjoys working from home close to his wife and daughter.

Community Matters

Practically everything I know about development comes from the people who decided to share what they know online. Whether good or less good, someone will always come up with a solution you wouldn't have come up with and it's always an opportunity to learn and get better at development. Communities built around Open Source tech encourage everyone to share their take on solutions and I try to contribute where I can to pay forward the help I've received.

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