Chris Ford

Project Manager

Chris Ford was one of those annoying kids in elementary school who was always waving her hand in the air whenever anyone asked a question. She still loves to share her knowledge, but is much less annoying than she was at 8 (and has a way better haircut).

She has worked with Genesis since it was in beta, built multiple commercial Genesis themes, and through it all has WSOD’d more sites than she can count. She loves to save people from making the same dumb mistakes she has, in a language non-developers understand. (FWIW, float behavior can be compared to getting a muffin top in tight jeans).

Chris still loves being the one with answers, which is a pretty good talent to have as a support lead. If you run across an issue that has you scratching your head, she’ll jump in and won’t rest until she figures out what’s going on.

When she isn’t answering support tickets Chris is either neck deep in a DIY project, kayaking with her sweetie, or obsessing over her tomato plants. She likes to kick ass and take names, but can never find her pen (or glasses).

Find Chris At

  • WordCamp USNovember 1st–4th, 2019St. Louis, MO
  • PressnomicsSeptember 11th–13th, 2019Tucson, AZ