Andrew Norcross

Lead Developer

Andrew Norcross is the founder and Lead Product Developer for Reaktiv Studios. If he isn’t writing code at the moment, he’s probably thinking about writing some. Or having a cup of coffee.

Before WordPress, Andrew (simply “Norcross” to many) had a 10-year career in the finance industry handling tasks like accounting, pricing data analysis, or corporate action processing, and was even a Series 7-licensed Fiduciary Asset Manager. During the US financial market implosion in 2008, he left finance for good to turn his WordPress development hobby into a career. He founded Reaktiv Studios shortly thereafter and hasn’t looked back.

Working with Andrew was easy and fun, and the project was completed on time and on budget. More importantly, Andrew had (and has) a pride of ownership when it comes to the product.
Dave Pell, NextDraft

As an organizer for WordCamp Tampa, Norcross loves to keep giving back to the WordPress community with free plugins, education talks at conferences, and core contributions to WordPress. Norcross lives in Tampa, Florida with his amazing wife, three kids, and rescue dogs that believe they’re humans.

(left) I take WordPress and coffee seriously (right) with Josh at WordCamp Tampa 2014

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Andrew gives back via GitHub

"GitHub gives me the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with other developers who I would never otherwise meet, sometimes across the country or around the world. Releasing code that has a very specific use case doesn't always make sense in a place like the WordPress plugin repository, but I can put it on GitHub and know I helped someone work through the same problems I have, and maybe even learn a thing or two from them."

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