Adam Mills

Support/QA Specialist

Adam Mills is a WordPress developer who has embraced the idea of the digital nomad. He’s always ready to help with your WordPress problems, just as soon as he’s finished his latest change of address form.

Adam has always had a passion for helping people succeed with their online businesses. Upon first discovering WordPress (way back in v2.7!), he was instantly taken with it and jumped all in.

Since then, he’s worked directly with clients, fixed more sites than he broke, created some very popular premium WordPress themes, and helped countless individuals launch their online dream businesses.

Along the way, he’s learned the importance of patience, asking for help, and really good documentation. Seriously, read the documentation.

When he’s not busy answering and closing WordPress tickets with a smile, Adam can most likely be found reading comics, seeking out new desserts, enjoying nature, or laughing with his wife. Oh, and if you see Adam at a WordCamp, be sure to ask him about the Philz Coffee secret menu – he’s done a lot of independent research into this very important area.