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WordCamp Orange County 2018: Chris Ford on Project Management Systems

For the past year or so, I’ve been working on refining the project management system here at Reaktiv Studios. I recently spoke about how we’re developing our process at the Dungeons and Dragons-themed WordCamp Orange County.

In this talk I gave at WordCamp Orange County, I shared how our team’s project on-boarding checklists, Asana templates, Freckle time tracking budgets and reports, and Harvest Forecasting tools are used to eliminate repetitive tasks, giving us more time to focus on doing what we do best: bringing our clients biggest ideas to light. If you want to follow along, my slides can be viewed on SpeakerDeck.

(*Note: while #WCOC 18’s theme was Dungeons & Dragons, I am *so* not an expert. Expect plenty of clueless mixed metaphors. Please don’t revoke my nerd card.)

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