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Meet the Reaktiv Studios Team: Jay Hoffmann

Meet Jay Hoffman, Lead Developer

Hello all, I’m Jay Hoffmann, Lead Developer at Reaktiv hailing from just outside NYC. I joined Reaktiv in January of 2017 and have been hacking away with this incredible team ever since.

Before coming to Reaktiv, I’d always worked for pretty large companies: first at Sesame Street and later at Penguin Random House. What drew me to Reaktiv was its small, ambitious team of developers and challenging projects. When we approach a project, we come at it from a unique perspective.

Sometimes our solutions are straightforward. Other times we’re inventing something completely new that’s custom built for our clients. The opportunity for innovation was something I could get on board with right away. For my part as Lead Developer, I work on the front-end, the back-end and everything in between.

My love for the web goes back to my high school years. Working on the web was a hobby before it was a career and it’s a passion I’ve carried with me for many years. I often fill my time with side projects, some small, some big, that I hope benefit the web in some way.  Not too long ago, I ran a site called Tidy Repo that helped you find valuable WordPress plugins you could be sure would work. The site’s still up, although I haven’t maintained it in years. My current labor of love is The History of the Web. It’s a weekly newsletter with a dose of the web’s history, paired up with an ever-growing timeline of the most important milestones on the web.

Whatever free time I have left, you’ll probably find me trying to keep up with the latest Javascript frameworks. (I do my best, at least). If you happen to catch me at a WordCamp or a Meetup, definitely come say hi. We can chat WordPress, and I’ll regale you with stories from the web’s past. You know, if you’re interested.

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Jay Hoffmann is a Lead Developer at Reaktiv. He’s never too far from his code editor, or his Moleskine.