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Meet the Reaktiv Studios Team: Faison Zutavern

Meet Faison Zutavern, Senior Developer
Meet the Team is our way of introducing you to the Reaktiv Studios team members, new and old.

Hello there, I’m Faison Zutavern. I joined Reaktiv Studios in April of 2017 as a Senior Developer. At that time, I lived in Wisconsin, but quickly moved south to Missouri where there are a lot more mountains and a lot less winter.

When it comes to programming, my primary goal is to provide a quality user experiences with quality code backing it up. The thing that’s exciting about being a part of Reaktiv Studios is that we are a team who focuses on that. We help our clients come up with and create a solid experience for their users while also following strict coding standards and reviewing all code.

Before joining Reaktiv Studios, I received an Associate’s degree in Web and Software Development from Waukesha County Technical College. I then proceeded to work at a small web dev shop in Wisconsin where I first started developing with WordPress, followed by a remote job doing agency work at a large web company. Having enjoyed the agility of a small team and the challenges of working on complex projects at a large company, I get the best blend of those experiences at Reaktiv.

I like to get away from my screens every-so-often, and when I do, it’s usually to work on my vegetable garden, which is currently planned to be 2,300 square feet. I also enjoy going for walks with my wife and toddler, spending time with family friends on Saturday nights, and experimenting with fermented food. Don’t be surprised if you see me obsessing over a plant, trying to figure out what it is and if it’s good for eating.


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