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Meet the Reaktiv Studios Team : Nick Croft

Nick "The Geek" Croft, Senior Full Stack Developer at Reaktiv Studios, and the rest of our team bowling after WordCamp US
Meet the Team is our way of introducing you to the Reaktiv Studios team members, new and old.

Hi, my name is Nick Croft and I am a geek. Not just any geek but a super geek. I’m talking comics, books, eclectic instruments and musical tastes, electronics, and just about any other geeky thing you can think of.

I’ve been pretty much all over the world, but I currently reside in rural northern Virginia. This should not be confused with “NoVa” which is far from rural. It takes me over an hour to make it to DC from here even in the best traffic.

At Work

I joined the Reaktiv team as a contract Senior Full Stack Developer in October and then full-time in December. Prior to Reaktiv I was working as a Senior Developer dealing mostly with WordPress and 3rd party APIs. I’m also a full time (yeah I work way too much) youth/associate pastor at my church.

Outside of Work

In addition to web development I create cool stuff with my 3D printer, mess with Raspberry Pi and Arduino, read a crazy amount of books, and play harmonica, sax, and have started on the trumpet. Basically my instrument of choice involves making sure I can’t also sing. When I’m not working I love to spend time with my wife and 4 kids.

Why Reaktiv?

I am super excited to work at Reaktiv Studios because there are a bunch of people who are as driven as I am to make some amazingly cool things and keep the clients happy while we do it.


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Nick Croft is a senior full stack developer from rural northern Virginia who loves creating, be it code, 3D printing, carpentry, or writing. He even dabbles in music.