Introducing Locomotive

When it comes to batch processing WordPress data there aren’t a ton of options available. We often find the need to query large amounts of data. Continue Reading >

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Is it the right time for a custom plugin?

In our last post, we talked about how to choose the right plugin. But what if the right plugin hasn’t been developed yet? Maybe you have to connect to an obscure third-party API. Or you have a very specific workflow requirement. Or some other edge case scenario that an off-the-shelf plugin doesn’t cover. Have you… Continue Reading >

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Choosing the Right Plugins

It isn’t hard to find a “Top Ten” plugin list on any number of blogs out there. Heck, someone is probably writing one as we speak. While those lists can be helpful, they all miss one important thing: they don’t know anything about your site and your needs. What may be good for one site… Continue Reading >

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