Jump start WordPress projects with WP CLI Scaffolding

As a developer, I find I do a lot of the same things on a regular basis. I may set up a new plugin, start a new theme, add a specific feature to a theme or plugin, set up tests, or other repetitive tasks. These tasks usually share a similar starting point, even if the… Continue Reading >

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Time-tested Advice for Successful Remote Teamwork

Distributed team, remote work, work-from-home, telecommuting, flex work… whatever you call it, you can’t deny the impact technology has had on the flexibility and mobility of modern workers. The concept of distributed teams is nothing new, but the past decade has brought about an explosion in the number of people who work from home at… Continue Reading >

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Accessibility for Everyone

At WordCamp US 2017, I caught the tail end of a session titled “Pah! Jamaican Sign Language and WordPress” presented by Bianca Welds. At one point she said something like, “if I plan an event I don’t want to ask, ‘Will there be deaf people there?’ Instead I want to prepare for the needs of… Continue Reading >

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